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My name is is Dionne Luby.

I started my journey with cacao in 2020. My journey brought me to Galway by packing up and just leaving. Galway is medicine to me and it’s where I would go to escape for breaks until I knew I had to be there in order to survive. 

I was a care assistant 15yrs at this stage and lost my father a couple of years before. I was battling substance and alcohol abuse since the age of 11. There was periods I would be doing well sober but then when my dad passed I got hard on it again. I knew I needed change. And to Galway I went. And I was saved. 

In Galway is where I met Vivienne Dempsey (friend of my dear cousin Jasons who is in spirit). I had my first ever cacao with Vivienne the night she helped me with a soul retrieval. It was my first ever healing session with anyone and connection with shamanism that I knew of in this life. This experience changed everything. I moved to Inishbofin and there my future self showed up, my spirit animal, me as a little child. Something was unblocked

Thanks to the cacao, beautiful heart opening medicine and the profound soul retrieval with all this I knew I needed to follow this path and I became one of Vivienne’s students a few months later. 

This is where the real work began for over ten years finding the light, but still struggling to really get in there, be present in there, sit there in the dark, in my pain trauma. Not run, not escape through substance abuse but really just sit with myself.

The Shamanic practitioner course I did is the foundation of where I am today. It gave me the tools and the strength and awareness to really go there. 

The spirit of the cacao has been my most amazing friend. She loves me, holds me and believes in me. She made me see my worth and my boundaries. She makes me laugh and cry and always blows me away with the power of her space. Her essence is incredibly strong and overwhelming at times in the most caring way. Every morning I sit with the spirit of cacao. In the dark by candlelight. It’s the most sacred special moment of my life. 

The beautiful ritual I have every morning: calling in the directions, the elements, my ancestors, spirit guides and animals and most of all the spirit of cacao. Sometimes I sit in silence, just breathing, we sit together.

The stillness and love is there. I listen to a beautiful ikaro by Maestra Olivia sometimes on repeat. This has deepened my connection with myself and unlocked so much beauty and inspiration to flow through.

I share this beautiful medicine with friends and people I meet along the way on this journey. Cacao brings people together in the most beautiful open scared space. 

I truly don’t know where I would be without this beautiful medicine in my life now. And this journey is only beginning.   Keeps on expanding in my life and the people around a beautiful gift from the mountain gods from pachamama to bring harmony and balance to us all. 

With the elements of the divine masculine and divine feminine in this amazing medicine. I get so much inspiration from my time sitting with cacao Beautiful guidance and messages come true for myself And others . I am honoured to be on this journey with you mama cacao


Cacao & Me is a series where we’ve asked people to tell us about their relationship with cacao, how they work with it, what impact it’s had on their lives & so on.
If you’d like to share your journey with Cacao please get in touch at info@saoro.org or though Instagram @saoroexperience

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Dionne Luby
Dionne Luby
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