Ceremonial Cacao infused hot chocolate treat

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After taking a break from technology it’s good to be back with another post.

I’m hoping over the coming weeks I can get through my ever growing back log of blog posts. This recipe being a good segue for me to get back into the swing of things….. 

Consider spirituality for all. For every man woman and child from a toddler to a patient in palliative care. Make it accessible and easy for everyone. After all what use is knowledge unless it can be applied in a practical, day to day manner.

With this in mind- below is a recipe for a ceremonial cacao-infused hot chocolate treat I make for a friend’s child whenever they visit. Having said that her mother usually gets a cup and I’m not unknown to have a sneaky sip or two myself! 😉

Guide from left to right
  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Sea salt flakes 
  • Irish heather honey
  • Cinnamon
  • Finished hot chocolate 
  • Almond biscotti fingers
  • Rose concentrated essence 
  •  Vanilla extract
  • Iridescent champagne coloured sparkles
  • Mini blowtorch
  • Rice milk chocolate (not pictured)
  1. Heat water in a medium sized pan and place a bowl on top to create a bain-marie. Be careful the simmering water does not touch the bottom of the bowl. 
  2. Place around 50g per person of non-dairy milk chocolate in the bain-marie to melt. (I understand that not everyone is a chocolatier and has 5 kg bags of rice milk chocolate to hand however, in most health food stores and supermarkets you will find non-dairy milk chocolate bars. This can of course be replaced by dark chocolate depending on the individual’s palate but we are talking about a hot chocolate for a three-year-old here!) Simply break them up into pieces and place in the bowl.
  3.  Add chopped amounts of ceremonial cacao according to the individual drinking. For a child I would add 3 – 5 grams and for an adult 10 – 20 grams. 
  4. When chocolate and ceremonial cacao have melted add honey, cinnamon, vanilla extract and a couple of drops of rose essence to taste. (This can be replaced with rosewater. You just can’t mix  rosewater into chocolate as water and chocolate do not emulsify together – so please add to the milk as below.) Add a pinch of sea salt and mix together. 
  5. Gently heat required amount of non-dairy milk in a separate pan. 
  6. Add rosewater if required to the milk while heating. 
  7. When milk is at required temperature add slowly to the chocolate mixture. Being careful to take your time mixing the two so that the milk and chocolate do not split. 
  8. Once everything is mixed together correctly do have a little taste to see if any ingredients need fine tuning. 
  9. Then transfer to cup, place mini marshmallows, melt with mini blowtorch and sprinkle dust on top…
  10. Give to happy child along with biscuits for dunking.

Friend’s child borrowed with mothers consent for a picture.


Mini blow torches are available from any hardware store and even some supermarkets and shops. 

Edible dust available from the Sugar Sisters in Dublin city centre and also online.


Know your audience. If you’re introducing or making ceremonial cacao for someone who may not be interested in hearing about spirituality or mama cacao or master plants etc then you don’t need to mention them. 

For example:

If you’re preparing it for a child, make it exciting and taste beautiful. 

If preparing for somebody elderly simply tell them the fact that Cacao is the most antioxidant rich food in the world; that it is good for your heart your mind and your body. It contains amongst many other things natural antidepressants and feel good chemicals. Basically it’s going to make you feel good….who’s not going to want to hear that?

Up next

Coming soon: I will be hosting my own Cacao ceremonies which I will be in some way advertising. I have only ever done them before when asked. I have been waiting for all the elements which I wish to bring to the ceremony to find me. I’m not one for social media so keep an eye on the events page on saoro.org for further information. 

Also keep an eye out for some savoury recipes coming your way using ceremonial cacao and other heart opening and healthy, beneficial ingredients.

Many thanks with eternal love, grace and gratitude


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