Introducing Wild Child Cacao!

Brought to us by Eva and Malou of Wild Child Cacao Amsterdam. This beautiful product is a result of their shared Cacao love story. Malou is a passionate craft chocolate maker and Eva’s passion is to share Cacao with the world! Thank you Both!

Wild Child Cacao starts its journey to Ireland from the tropical shores of the Dominican Republic and the Organic Farmers Co-op Oko-Cariba. 

This Co-op is known for their high-quality Cacao and the farmers are supported including through technical training and offering loans for Cacao and community needs. The farmers are paid four times the market price of Cacao, which enables them to earn a sustainable income for themselves and their families.

The farmers hand select the cacao and ferment it to give the Cacao its rich, layered and full tastebud experience. The Cacao trees grow on abundant lands full of mountains and surrounded by the ocean.  There is great biodiversity on the Cacao farm: the  Cacao trees grow between coconuts, cassava and avocado trees, which has a huge influence on flavour.

The Cacao is then shipped to Amsterdam where it is hand crafted with loving care and intention into this delicious, smooth, smooth, rich and luscious Cacao drink. Bravo!

Wild Child Recipes:

Banana and Coconut Smoothie:

Blend 1 banana and 1 avocado with 25 gms of Cacao, 180ml coconut milk and honey, YUM!

Hazelnut Cacao:

Whisk 15gms of Cacao with 80ml of hot water. Add a tablespoon of hazelnut paste and a pinch of cinnamon, delicious!

To find out more about Eva & Malou & their beautiful cacao have a look here:

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