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I’ve been working with clients one on one, and teaching/facilitating classes for thirty years. My Horses and Us Class brings together and expands everything I’ve learnt. It is one of the loves of my life and I think a class for our times.

These times are certainly crazy but what is also true is that we are more magical than we’ve ever been told and now is our time.

On this weekend we get to come together with each other and explore conscious conversation with the Earth and with Horses . To remember and expand into who we truly are together!

To me this is beyond cool, if I’d been told I could be part of this, I could facilitate this I would never have believed it. But I see it happen so clearly now there is no denying it.

We are all intuitive, call it what you want, psychic, aware, sensitive ,empathic. I see it in you, the Horses definitely see it. If these gifts are not acknowledged and developed it can hurt, make us sick and feel worthless.

Horses are super psychic and multidimensional, being present with them just naturally opens you to more of you. Which is what is required to thrive in our lives And the Horses, the Earth needs that from us, for us to step into more of ourselves They have been waiting so patiently, with no judgement.

Often when we are in a healing space with the Horses and something comes up for the Horse to let go of, I ask the group for us all to allow that healing, that letting go be for us too, this actually helps the horse, they are so naturally inclusive, there is no separation. What’s for one is for the herd. Creating healing with more ease for us all.

We also empower them by being willing to receive more from them. They want to give us so much. If you’d like to connect with a Horse; quiet your mind, gently soften your energy, breathe and ask the Horse – or any animal – to contribute to you. Whether you are with them or not. You could ask all the Horses you’ve ever known in all lifetimes to contribute to you energetically as you lie in your bed at night. Let me know how that goes.

Many of us know the power of coming together, coming together with the horses including all of nature seen and unseen can bring us to a whole other level. Most Horses have shut down , they’ve had to pull back from people because of thousands of years of unconsciousness and cruelty. They need us now and we need them.

Nikki’s Horses & Us class was a beautiful reminder of our true relationship with horses. I loved her way of being with the horses and us so that everyone received more awareness, peace and joy.  Nikki’s sense of possibilities for the horses and their owners is gently transformational and creates greater connection in magical ways. If you love animals and you’re thinking of participating in this event I’d highly recommend it

Lisa Murray 

Check out Nikki’s Horses are Us clinic and more testimonials from here clients over on our events section.

There are ways of being, of showing up that the Horses respond to which I’ve been exploring for years now. Asking the Horses questions and following the energy. The Horses show us we can bring this awareness to our everyday lives.

There is a space of consciousness and co-creation that feels like home. It is time for us to come home now.

About Nikki

  • Shining the Light of Consciousness on whatever is going on for you sessions, in person and zoom.
  • Reiki Teacher
  • Feng Shui Practitioner
  • Soul Realignment Advanced Practitioner
  • Vibrational Essence Creator
  • Horses and Us Clinic
  • Artist

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Nikki Cutlar
Nikki Cutlar
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