Leaning in to Curiosity

Feeling trapped?

Feeling burdened with should do’s and should be’s ? Needing to be better but can’t seem to muster up the strength? 

Ah I recognise this place- I’ve pulled myself out of here a few times. 

Here’s the first step to stepping into a path of alignment, a path of trust and ease…. 

Take a deep slow breath now, and in this moment and every moment instead of leaning into “must do’s” , lean into your….drum roll… Curiosity. 

Ahh… Curiosity is a fundamental key to helping you get out of that buried feeling. 

Instead of saying: “I need to do this, I need to do that, the other.” What if we said: “What if I tried…this, that, the other?” 

Curiosity helps us lean into mystery, instead of going down the path we think we should go. Curiosity and mystery allows us to go on down the road of that state of child like wonder- of play- allowing yourself to feel “I wonder what’s down here?” “Let’s see”. 

Where as the inner voice that says “you should be/should do” is the voice of parent or authority figure and can be more based on fear, small mind fears, perfections. 

How many times in our childhood were we blocked because we were told “no no you’re not drawing this correctly, you have to do it this way” instead of saying “let’s see… give it a go and see…” 

Allow yourself meet your blocks, your traps with curiosity. Allow yourself to be guided by something else- that rabbit hole of inbound interest in something- there may be a way out of it through the child’s eyes behind your own. If you just allow them to see, allow them to play, allow them to be curious… a new path may form. 

For in unknowing, lies mystery … and there lies a new story that awaits you. 🙏🏻😍

“Leap and the net will appear ” – John Burroughs. 

Affirmations to help you: 

“My trusting heart is elated.” 🙏🏻

“I am safe to feel I am safe to flow” 🙏🏻

“I allow my inner child to guide me” 🙏🏻

“I allow my heart to lead me” 🙏🏻

Words by- Ciara O’ Donnell 

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Ciara O'Donnell
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