Yvonne Doherty

Meet Yvonne Doherty

I’m Yvonne, 

I am a Mindset Coach trained in Mindfulness Based CBT, Life Coaching, Meditation & Breathwork, Ho’oponopono and Hypnotherapy. I am also a Speaker, Facilitator, Writer and human.

I’m on a mission to guide, support and empower you to dare to live in alignment with your most apologetically authentic, confident and liberated self. I wholeheartedly believe that we are all inherently whole and complete, and my role is simply to guide you back home to the felt experience of that wholeness.

Through powerful mindset shifts, deep healing modalities and tangible tools, you can harness your inner power to overcome fears, cultivate real confidence and liberate yourself to live a life you’ll love living. 

I do this work because in my past, I was completely overwhelmed by life, terrified to be myself and totally disengaged from living. I went through anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and an eating disorder, hating myself and my life. I believed there was something fundamentally wrong with me; that I didn’t fit in anywhere and simply wasn’t equipped to live like everyone else seemed to be.

After hitting rock-bottom I went on a journey of self discovery and full recovery where I found my way to real sustained self love, self-confidence and freedom. I realised that it wasn’t really me or my mind that were the problem, it was how I was perceiving and interacting with them. 

As Wayne Dyer said. “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Now I am here to share what I’ve learned from my personal experiences, from training as a coach and from what I’ve put to work through my passion for personal development, with anyone else who is ready to reclaim their power, own what makes them who they are and truly dare to live. 

I work with one-to-one clients online through Zoom. I also give talks and workshops in-person, as well as in corporate settings to provide wellness tools and practices within the workplace. 

Certified Meta Dynamics™ Mindset Coach

Certified in Eating Distress Recovery, Diploma in Mindfulness Based CBT

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Email: daretolivecoaching@gmail