Wojtek Klonowski

Meet Wojtek

Hi I’m Wojtek. I’m a Kambo Practitioner and facilitator of Inner Journey ceremonies. 

I’m based in Galway and I work across Connacht, Munster and Leinster.

I moved to Ireland, from Poland, over 20 years ago and now proudly call this green Isle “home”. I’m a husband to an amazing woman and am blessed to know her as my Soulmate. I am also a Father to two wonderful kids.

I feel we are currently living in a world where we have amazing access to information, multiple healing modalities, and medicines from all over the World. It’s so wonderful that we are able to create a “personal toolbox” that includes medicines of our choice that help us rediscover our true nature and to support others to do the same.

I have my own box and inside it there are two outstanding substances that I have trained in and used extensively in my own healing process. At a certain point in my wisdom I knew it was time to share my knowledge with others. 

Inside my “toolkit” are Kambo and Los Niños Santos.

My primary focus when supporting people, one to one, or in groups, is harm reduction. I always prioritise the safety and wellbeing of my clients. This includes spending time researching any contraindications relating to a person’s medical history or pharmaceutical intake.

I guess you can say I’m care oriented meaning I filter my clients by assessing their needs and suitability and  don’t take any unwarranted risks. I take each one of my clients through a carefully designed preparation process to ready themselves for a deeply cleansing experience. I also offer support on how to integrate any realisations that they receive in both the Kambo and inner journey experience through an aftercare service. I am well trusted and equally well recognised for the safety I create, for the ritual I hold around the sacredness of these healing medicines, and for the guidance I offer on how “to see what is to be seen, to feel what has to be felt and to experience what is to be experienced”.

Services offered

Kambo Ceremonies

  • Private
  • Groups
  • Private Groups

Inner Journey Ceremonies

  • Groups
  • Private Groups

In my practice, I include various elements, traditions and music from around the world. I simply feel that they all have a place at this “table“ and my practice reflects the interconnectivity of all things.

Contact Wojtek

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KamboGalway

Phone/WhatsApp:  (087) 6238502 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kambo_inner_connection/