Siobhán Murray

Meet Siobhán & Angels Orbit

Siobhán has been drawn to energy healing since a young age and is now versed in the following holistic arts with a hunger to experience more as well as holding certifications in event management, marketing, PR & social media.

Siobhán offers the following:
– Golden Angelic Teacher
– Reiki
– Holistic Herbalist
– Numerology
– Circle Host

Every single journey is different, working on your own self, letting go of trauma and essentially ‘stepping into your power’ is the ultimate human life experience. There is no right or wrong way to experience this life and everyone’s will be different. Divine timing is the essence of any journey.

Siobhán is another soul guiding others to their highest vibration! Fulfilling a soul calling while taking advantage of all her skills in building up other individuals and wellness businesses with the goal of healing, empowerment and self discovery for all!

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Phone/WhatsApp: 089-0496755

Instagram: @angelsorbit_