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Hi I’m Sian,

I hold a Diploma in Community Addiction Studies, a Diploma of Counseling & Psychotherapy, a BSc Honours in Counselling & Psychotherapy, a Certificate in Couples Counselling, a Diploma in Trauma-informed Psychotherapy, and I am Cacao Facilitator, a Kundalini & Usui Reiki Master. I am currently training as a Shamanic Embodied Therapist.

I believe that my holistic training bolsters my therapeutic work by bringing the core elements of both together. The bedrock of my work is Roger’s core conditions of empathy, unconditional positive regard, and congruence. These conditions, when advocated and applied well, create a sacred, safe space that is the genuine alchemy of counselling and psychotherapy.

I work from a humanistic and integrative approach. Drawing on different therapeutic models, including psycho-dynamic, person-centered, and existentialism. Through working with such therapeutic models, I can offer each individual a secure, non-judgmental, compassionate and private space to be themselves. My attitude is relationship-driven, intending to empower the client to trust their inner voice always at the fore. The past is explored, but the work is very much grounded in the present moment. From an existential viewpoint, I see that each client is ultimately responsible for finding meaning or purpose in their own life. Ideally, I believe that we as therapists are always working to make ourselves redundant, I want to give clients the tools and space to develop their own healing capacity.

More than anything, I believe it is the relationship between client and therapist that promotes the most remarkable healing — at the same time, encouraging the client to find meaning in their lives. Yalom’s work inspired me to always address the therapeutic relationship and to communicate with my client in a sensitive and effective manner. this encourages the client to talk about how they are feeling about the process. Most misunderstanding is avoided, and the client is invited and taught to interact and communicate in a healthy manner.



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