Sarah Walsh

Meet Sarah Walsh

My life changed when I managed my first holistic clinic in Sydney 15 years ago. We had chiropractors, naturopaths, massage therapists and podiatrists. I quickly realised there were ways other than traditional medicine, to heal the body, mind and soul. This began my journey to heal myself and eventually to become a Biokinesiologist. In 2018 I was one of the founding members of the Biokinesiology Association of Ireland (BKAI) and the Chairperson. This gave me the opportunity to spread the word of Biokinesiology to Ireland and to help new graduates, by offering support and adding to their training and development.

In 2022 I further developed my intuition and energy healing capacity with the teachings of Reiki. An even deeper healing unfolded for my clients and for me. Our emotions and stressful lives have a huge part to play in our wellbeing and physical health, it is crucial to address these in conjunction with the biochemical pathways. This combination works wonders in healing.

In a treatment with me, I will use traditional muscle testing techniques to test the body’s biochemistry. The key is, to find out what is causing the imbalances in your biochemistry that result in your symptoms and remedy them with food changes, lifestyle tips, energy healing and a protocol of supplements. 

My goal is to discover the root cause to your symptoms, whether they be Skin Issues, Hormonal Imbalances, Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression, Poor Sleep, IBS, Joint Pain, Headaches, Bowel Problems and more. 

My treatments are accessible and affordable to all, from babies to eighties! 

The body wants to heal. 

Treatments vary depending on each individual, so may involve some or all of these:

Full Case History – I want to know your story.

Emotional Stress Release

Past Trauma Recall

Bach Flower Remedies


Biokinesiology: Testing relevant biochemical pathways: detoxification, methylation, gut flora, hormonal, cellular respiration, food intolerance, digestive enzyme and more…

I treat out of my wonderful home at 35 Avondale Rd, Killiney A96AY18.

Contact Sarah

Phone/WhatsApp: 085 1857425