Rochelle Vyas

Meet Rochelle Vyas

Namaste, I’m Rochelle.

I am a certified Sound & Reiki Healer as well as a breathwork facilitator. 

My heritage is Indian, and I grew up in a Hindu family where Sound Healing has been passed down through generations – you could say it’s in my blood!

I love what I do, giving and helping others is something that was instilled in me from a very young age.

I work with sound, using the power of breath-work and energy to help people reconnect with themselves and find true balance.

Sound Healing is so much more than a set of bowls being played. It allows you to tune inwards and reconnect with yourself, enabling you to find true balance. If you take the time to listen and be still, it can take you to a very special place.


Dublin (I do my private treatments from my home in Clontarf) 


✨Sound Healing

✨Chakra cleanse and Reiki with Tibetan Bowl Therapy

✨Aura cleansing massage with Tibetan Bowl Therapy (ladies only) 

I offer private 1-1, groups and corporate sessions.

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Instagram: @roch_soundhealing