Jenny Dillon

Meet Jenny


I’m Jenny,

I’m a yoga and fitness teacher and Cacao practitioner offering a range of yoga, fitness & mindset classes, workshops and retreats and cacao experiences. 

My journey has evolved from the corporate world, working in finance and personal training to yoga & mindset as I sought and found more stillness in my own life.Reaching and overcoming burnout, I realised the stresses I was placing my body and mind, over working and constantly running to the next thing. My yoga and cacao journey have enabled me to slow down, to find stillness. My journey is ongoing as I continue to strive to maintain balance in my everyday. Cacao has added immensely to my journey of inner stillness, helping me to connect to my feminine energy at a deeper level. It has enabled me to slow down further and become less reactive in my everyday, having more compassion for myself and others. Interested in slowing down, in connecting to self in experiencing the benefits , the magic of cacao, come along and join an upcoming class, experience or retreat. 

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Phone/WhatsApp: 0876031878