Nicola Farrell

Meet Nicola

Thank you for taking the time to stop, allow me to introduce myself ….

My name is Nicola and if I’m totally honest I really do have to stop and breathe whilst I write these words and think about how my heart is filled with gratitude and my soul is filled with contentment as I embrace my journey that unexpectedly unfolded and led me to this place, to this space, and to your eyes!

My story started a number of years ago when I fell ill. I, like many others, looked to everyone and everything to try to ‘fix me’ to ‘help me’ and to ‘heal me’ by trying all and every therapy and treatment that I came across, holistic & conventional. 

It was only when I was led by a higher source to the amazingly potent and truly mesmerizing energy workers that I connected with that the real healing process and the journey for me began ….. 

It was at this point that I realised that in conjunction with the correct tools, treatments and guidance that you truly can heal yourself. In ALL areas of your life, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually by using the power and the life force that we were born with.

I am so passionate about my inspiration and the deep healing that I’ve experienced first hand that I set about trying to bring this light and experience to others. Firstly, I trained in Angelic Energy Healing which I connect with deeply on a cellular level, I then realised that I have been guided by their beautiful presence for years. Following on, qualifying as a Reiki Master and then onto the beautiful Rahanni Celestial Healing as a ‘higher energies of light’ practitioner. When I work with the source energies I’m always intuitively guided by the hugely powerful modalities and a sense of knowing unfolds.

Within the past year I have also added Indian Head Massage, Holistic Natural Facials, Hopi Ear Candling & Crystal Foot Baths to my treatment list as a Therapist. Mixing and combining of treatments giving clients a full 360 Rest and Restoration experience.

I also hold space within Women’s Circles, Cacao Blessings, Holistic Wellness Day Retreats & online Distance Healing Sessions.

As a practitioner I am grateful for my capabilities and so my aim is draw others to experience this, even if it is  just a glimpse of what we can achieve and how it can manage to help, heal or even soften one person’s soul and open them up to the possibilities of light healing and abundance then my job on earth is complete

Thank you for engaging with me, should you feel drawn to connect with me and book or discuss any of the holistic practices and healings I carry out please contact me to book a soft soul journey.

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Phone/WhatsApp: 0834870323