Nicola Brown

Meet Nicola

Hello I’m Nicola,

I’m a Cacao practitioner offering one-to-one & group Cacao ceremonies. I’m also a mediation teacher, yin yoga practitioner & EFT tapping practitioner. In addition I do body work & movement to remove stagnant energy.

I got into healing through illness. My whole life I felt like I was in survival mode, until my body was telling me though my illness to slow down & to listen to what she needed. It was initially a very painful experience to slow down & stay in my body.  Sitting with Cacao & removing the stagnant energy through shaking, movement, breath-work help me on a daily basis to stop going, take the time to slow down & sit with myself.

I know I’m on this journey to slow down – so every practice that I do,  every ceremony that I lead – it is all about listening to your body, listening to what you need & slowing down. I find Cacao helps you go deeper into any other practice that you’re doing.

If you’d like to work with me you can contact me below


Contact Nicola

Phone/WhatsApp: 085-7554953

Instagram: @_awakening_goddess_