Natasha Edmondson

Meet Natasha

Hello, my name is Natasha, I am a breathwork instructor, Shamanic practitioner, energy healer and artist based in Bantry, West Cork.

My background is in Art and Education, as an art teacher I loved my job, however I felt that a huge part of me was missing. From a young age I have always felt a strong desire to help others. Energy, nature, the universe and magic deeply fascinated me and I knew that there was more to life than what meets the eye.

In between my job I began to explore my spiritual curiosities which started with Reiki, meditation and Breath-work. 

Having suffered from anxiety and panic attacks from a young age,I became very aware of the role of the breath, it was a vital part in losing control but also in regaining control. What I now understand as the autonomic nervous system, and activation of both parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems through controlled use of the breath, to heal the mind and body.

I furthered my studies and training to become a certified breathwork instructor in Pranayama and Oxygen Advantage techniques. Along with training in Rahanni Celestial Healing and Quantum Metaphysical Healing , I spent two years studying Shamanism, which was a life changing experience for me. The path was heavy, yet as time went on, layers were peeled away. Shamanism taught me to see the beauty in life and rekindled my connection to Spirit, for that I am truly grateful. 

All that we truly desire is already within us. We may seek guidance on our path from the external, however no one can teach us the magic and joy of what our soul wishes to share. This is the  internal desire we are born with, a desire we must awaken to ourselves.

Through my work I aim to help people on their journey, to peel back the layers and come to a place of true inner peace and knowing within. It is through knowing ourselves that we can be at peace, living a life of light and joy.

Here are some of my offerings: 

Here are some of my offerings:

  • Breathwork and Meditation classes in person and online
  • 1-1 Breathwork Sessions
  • 1-1 Energy Healing 
  • 1-1 Shamanic Healing 
  • Distant Healing
  • Creative Wellness Workshops
  • Shamanic Workshops
  • School Wellness Workshops

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