Martina Flaherty

Meet Martina

I am a Singer Songwriter, professional Voice Coach, Music Tutor and Certified Sound & Voice Therapist
based in Loughrea, Co Galway.
I have a diverse range of singing education. My journey so far has allowed me to study and explore…
Core Singing, Speech Level Singing, Healing Voice, Voice Gym, Modern Vocal Technique, Core Singing,
Frequency Therapy, Biofield Tuning, Fitzmaurice Voice-work, Somatic Voice & Trauma Therapy, Note
from Heaven and Cell Regeneration Singing.
I’ve explored across many musical genres, collaborations and projects over the last 20 years, performing
music and concerts in Ireland and abroad. Growing into my voice has and still is a life long journey. Like
all of us the path has been unique and not without it’s challenges. In the last few years I’ve been working
a lot on myself, digging deep into my purpose and role here at this time. I trained as a singing teacher
back in 2010 and have been working with voice since with both children and adults. In 2016 I embarked
on a year Sound Healing practitioner training course with The UK College of Sound Healing which was
life changing. Through my own journey, my training and my work, I have found the vibrational power of
breath, voice and sound to be a profound and transformative medicine.
My biggest passion is to use my skills in music and sound for the well being of others and as a tool for
conscious evolution. I use my voice as the main medium for channelling various energies to heal, release,
balance, awaken and activate the body. I’m always trying to gain more knowledge and connect with
people of similar vibration.
. 1-1 Healing therapies through sound – a holistic treatment using voice & tuning forks). 1.1 Biofield
Tuning fork therapy – a treatment using tuning forks on and around the bio field. 1-1 Cell regenation
singing therapy- a therapy using focused voice sounds. 1-1 Vocal Coaching -focusing on singing
technique, creative development.
. Group Singing Circles – a safe space for women to come together in voice and tap into their powerful
feminine energy. Breath, toning, circle songs, rounds, chants.
. Retreats/workshops – check web for upcoming songwriting/singing/sounding retreat.
. Music, Performances/ Concerts- soul/folk/conscious with themes of living with a higher purpose.
. Music Classes- Guitar/ ukulele- individual and group
. Children’s Yoga Movement & Sound -(group class 4-6 years) songs, sounds and movement for

early years.. Kids/ Teens Music – camps and workshops developing musical creativity through song-
writing improve, singing, sound and rhythm, performance – check web for upcoming camps

Contact <Martina>

Phone/WhatsApp: 0876031878

Instagram: flahertymartina

Apple Music: Falling into Love