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Meet Laura

My name is Laura Gormley, and I reside in the countryside of beautiful Donegal. I am married to Pauric and blessed with three amazing children. My personal journey of healing began a long time ago. As a young girl, I had two imaginary friends, Crosha and Jewleen, who accompanied me everywhere. However, upon starting school, I grew apart from them. Despite this, I always had an intuitive sense of foreseeing events and occurrences. My ability to detect pregnancies by observing women’s bellies often landed me in trouble as a curious child. Although I possessed a natural healing gift in my hands, I kept it hidden away. Growing up on a farm, my love for animals flourished under the guidance of my father, who had a gentle way with them, particularly horses. His passion for animals deeply influenced my own affection for them. The loss of both my parents within sixteen months left me feeling utterly lost and consumed by grief. After my mother passed away, I finished advanced Reiki training, enhancing my knowledge of energy and assisting others. To find comfort, I also joined an animal communication course, which filled my heart with peace and love. Instagram, I came across Aldo Jordan from the Irish School of Shamanic Studies discussing Shamanism. Intrigued, I decided to embark on the 12-month practitioners’ course in Mayo. This transformative experience became the highlight of my life, fostering personal growth and healing. Through this journey, the renewed version of myself emerged – brighter, more confident, and with a newfound purpose of helping others. Our course involves a strong connection to the land in Ireland and a deep passion for its ties to the elements. I also completed a 9 month Water Priestess Course. The goal is to care for the land, easing the suffering experienced during past famine and war years, and allowing Mother Earth to heal by giving love back.

With my passion for Animals and experience in working with their energy, I created Tir na nOg – a branch of Laura Gormley Healing where I focus on the wellbeing of Animals, I also make natural remedy drops for which help them to heal on an energetic level to suit their individual needs.

My sacred space ‘The Mystic School‘ has offered a lovely, safe space in Donegal for hosting monthly women’s circles and sound healing sessions. This summer, I am excited to organize events with various holistic partners, bringing fairs and healing days to Donegal. Recently, I accomplished my Saoro Cacao facilitators course, a milestone that fills me with immense pride. My profound connection to Mama Cacao and her healing properties fuels my passion for educating others on the sacred ways of connecting with this medicine.

Below are a list of services that I provide

  • Holding Space with Cacao
  • Healing Hands
  • Shamanic Healing
  • Sound healing
  • Womens/ Mens Circles
  • Childrens healing
  • Animal Healing
  • Sacred space events
  • Land & Energy Healing
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Instagram: tir_na_nog_healing