Julieann Byrne

Hi please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Julieann. I work in West Dublin as an intuitive, healer offering Reiki and Shamanic Healing and a Facilitator of Sacred Space. I use my gifts of empathy, claircognisance and clairsentience to tune into clients needs and to offer a heart centred healing. 

Coming from 20+ years working in the Corporate World, I have suffered burnout far too many times to count. It was into this atmosphere my son (a crystal child) was born. As all parents of these beautiful souls know, when they arrive in your life, great things will happen, but things might have to get a bit messy first. To say I experienced upheaval is an understatement. 

All the nudges spirit had been sending me for years beforehand  to tell me that I was not on the right path, turned to pushes and shoves and culminated in a deep depression and extensive low back issues. This was a turning point for me and during this time, my ancestors presented to me persistently, giving me the strength to turn my life around.  Though movement and Pilates I slowly fixed my body and became a Pilates instructor and then I turned to healing my mind and soul.  

As many people on the spiritual path are, I was drawn to the gorgeous, gentle, loving and healing energy of Reiki and started my Reiki training in 2019. Connecting with Reiki ignited a thirst in me to discover more about energy healing and other healing modalities. After randomly buying a book about Shamanism in December 2020, I ended up starting a year long Shamanic Practitioners course six months later.

The Shamanic Practitioners course was a life changer for me. Not only did I undergo a huge amount of very deep personal healing but I develop skills and insights that I have been able to bring forward to work with clients.  I have also developed a confidence in my own ability to read energy and found that the skills I learned in my career in the corporate world could be put to a much more positive use serving spirit.  

Since September 2022, I started my own holistic services business and currently offer the following services to clients:

🌸Reiki Healing (Adults and Children) (Including Distant Reiki)

🌸Shamanic Healing

🌸Ancestral Healing

🌸Past Life Healing 

🌸Rahanni Celestial Healing 

🌸Private Sound Bath

 In addition to the services above, I have found my souls calling in the facilitation of Sacred Space events.  I run Women’s Circles publicly from different venues in the South East and East of Ireland but I also run private events from clients owns homes or venues of a clients choosing. No event is ever the same. For my public events, I tune in to the energies of the moment, be it the cycle of the moon, any important events occurring on the Medicine Wheel or even themes that I am seeing my one-to-one clients coming to me. For private events, I work on consultation with the client to develop a very deep and personal event.   

These events include but are not limited to:

🌸Mama Blessing (during 3rd trimester)
🌸Bridal Blessing
🌸Birthdays – I can even design a circle around a specific star sign
🌸Coming of Age (13,16,18,21,)
🌸Baby Blessing
🌸Coping with loss

Contact Julieann 

Email: admin@julieannholisticservices.com

Website: www.julieannholisticservices.com

Facebook/Instagram Julieann_holisticservices