Tech Tock

Tech Tock, Tech Tock.
Let the world see how I spend my clock.
A restless QWERTY board rattles the most.
The stage is set Internet, the host.

Follower quotients are all the rage.
Let the world see how I gild my cyber cage.
Proclamations, validation, ego manifest.
Engulfed with pride showing only my best.

Too many friends, too little time.
Is this the pursuance of my sublime?
The negative, I eschew.
The positive, I pursue.

What is this delusion?
My guilty pleasure of cyber seclusion.
Celebrating, judging, reassuring, envying.
In my quiet corner, my soul will not sing.

The global web-based opera.
Constricting, dilating my viscera.
Self-doubt propagating.
Nature surrounds me; living is waiting.

Sometimes I observe, I don’t always have the nerve to partake? Am too much of a flake.
Friends live abroad, family too.
I relish their updates and my regular review.

It has become too surreal.
Too much info, what to feel? Sucked into the vortex.
More time gone, and I am vexed.

Is the Alchemy of friendship buried in a chip?
Is my endless quest for approval sequestered in being hip?
Is this my truest life?
Does it bring more joy than strife?

I continue to seek balance.
And question how does it enhance?
I choose not to allow it to lead me astray.
Not burgle my time, or dominate my play

Tech Tock, Tech Tock
I control my clock

A Poem by Adele Leahy

Image Credit – Adele Leahy

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Adele Leahy
Adele Leahy
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