Do you remember spinning on the green?
Arms spread wide,
Faces to the sky,
Who could spin the longest?
Collapsing on the ground,
In fits of giggles
Holding tight to the grass,
And to each other
As if we could be tossed off at any moment
Feeling the earth turn on its axis 

Do you remember the bathroom of that club?
Earth spinning on its axis
Tiles to smooth to grasp,
We anchored each other
Holding each others hair
Wiping each others tears
Our high heeled sea legs sailing over the shop street cobblestones
Wind in our hair once again 

Do you remember?
Is it spinning for you too?
Maybe we will find each other when the vertigo sets in
And I’ll offer you my walking stick to hold onto
And we will laugh and we will  cry as we did before
But the earth is still spinning on its axis now
And silent spinning is no fun
I need something to hold onto

A Poem by Grace Curley

Images: unsplash – Sam McNamara / Hulki Okan Tabak

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Grace Curley
Grace Curley
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