Across the land the first light breaks
A thousand suns as Earth awakes
The open plane wild winds have torn
Watching the World, from ashes born

Expansive silence of morning glare
Wild Sisters dance in ashen air
With gentle hands, they plat my head
I’m standing tall where mothers bled

The mighty stir as shadows cast
Intimate bonds in life so vast
The solar urge within me burns
Her ancient wisdom of twists and turns

The Sisters gaze, their ember eyes
Weaving the cycles of Earth and skies
Reminding me in silent grace
Of inner power, and its embrace

Return of mighty, the love profound
As from the ashes, new life is found
And in the turning eternal wheel
I hear my spirit ready to heal

A Poem by Laura Garbatavičiūtė

Image credits: from the author

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Laura Garbatavičiūtė
Laura Garbatavičiūtė
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