Phoenix Heart

Phoenix Heart – Learning to Self-Love

In shadows deep, a tale untold,
Of love misplaced, of heartache bold.
Within my being, a truth concealed,
Where self-love’s light had not been revealed.

I gave my love, a precious gift,
To an abusive soul, my spirits adrift.
In blinded devotion, I failed to see,
The boundaries blurred, the damage to be.

I poured out love, like a flowing stream,
Yet neglected my own, lost in a dream.
His words like daggers, cutting deep
While I, a vessel, began to weep.

But phoenix within, dormant and still,
Awaited the moment, the strength to instill.
From ashes rose a spirit anew,
To face the darkness, to find what is true.

For in this journey, I learned to see,
That love unrequited is not love’s decree.
To cherish oneself, a vital part,
To heal the wounds, reclaim my heart.

No longer blind to the patterns worn,
I broke free from chains, tattered and torn.
A phoenix rising, with wings unfurled,
Embracing the beauty of a newfound world.

Self-love ignited, a radiant flame,
From ashes of pain, a new name.
Empowered and strong, I’ll never again,
Sacrifice my worth for a love that’s in vain.

So here I stand, transformed and free,
With lessons learned and clarity.
To those who’ve been hurt, I share this truth
You deserve love’s warmth, both tender and smooth.

For self-love blooms when wounds are healed,
And through empowerment, hearts are sealed.
Embrace your strength, let it guide you through,
To a life of love, both for others and you.

A poem by Shelley (Redmann) Novotny
July 2023

Image credits – from author

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Shelley Novotny
Shelley Novotny
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