Opening the Heart

Not all hearts know they are not open to see
We see the love that we know only 
Oblivious to other flavours of magic
Of consciousness
Of connection
Of peace
We might not realise that what is happening around us,
Is a reflection of what is happening within us

What will it take to help you see
Will you open your heart
Will you surrender to the whispers of your soul
Will you give your spirit a rest, a chance to be heard 
Do you dare to not hide behind the safety of your limited knowing

Here’s to those who wonder
To those who are brave to look beyond the day to day being presented to them
To those who open their minds and hearts to a new way of thinking and being
To those who hold the next sister or brother or mother or father to see that which they do not yet know
To give authentic kindness to each other from a place of vulnerability & inner knowing
To feel real community and connection
To remember you are not alone
To seek to create your life experience by reflecting on what is within.

A poem by Paulina Mostert

Image credits: Paulina Mostert & Chang Duong (Unsplash)

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Paulina Mostert
Paulina Mostert
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