Mosquito Mind

I question am I the only one? 
With an unkind mosquito mind. 
My mental health is a sham.
As I abhor who I am.
My pseudo happiness, pretending I am blessed. 
Embalming my soul in binging alcohol.
Over pleasing beyond reason.
You must love me, as I do not.
My blindness to my innate goodness is unsustainable. 
I need to begin to feel well.
I have had a trillion thoughts.
Too many, where sanity was sought.
Is this the thought to undo my existence?
Am I not worth more than this moment spent.
Considering self annihilation. 
Lacking self compassion and patience. 
I deserve my life, the joy and the strife.
I can overcome my mind squall.
By seeking help, challenging it all.  
I am better than this, can I give myself a soul kiss.
I have too much to give, but I have to forgive
Myself and my fragility, times when it is so hard being me.
I will try to transmute my pain into peace
To sit with my emotions, surrender and release.

A Poem by Adele Leahy

Image Credits – Adele Leahy / Taylor Deas Melesh (Unsplash)

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Adele Leahy
Adele Leahy
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