Medusa, you called me
And I wonder if you know?
How Medusa was fair maid,
When raped by the God of the Sea,
She was forsaken by her worshipped –
The war shipped Athena,
Who thrust upon her the crown of serpents,
And the gaze that would turn any man to stone.

So come now Perseus!
Armed with your mirrored shield,
And Hades helm of invisibility.
“Off with her head, and into her heart”
Will be your battle cry.
Pegasus, Chrysaor, and Amphisbaena
Will bear forth from my headless embodiment.
The coral of the red sea will adorn the bed you laid siege to
And even when stilled, you still won’t meet my gaze

A Poem by Grace Curley

Image credits: Marianna Smiley / Fiogo Nunes

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Grace Curley
Grace Curley
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