I Am

I am
I am from limestone walls, conkers and hazels
Neatsfoot oil, bridles and stables
The Horse Chestnut stood tall at my gable
I am the top of the castle, the forest floor
The black dungeon above, ice box below
I am of John Deere, Bedford and balers
Horny sheep, freckled faces
Blue cards and coloured diesel
I am from the Eskers
Tantum Ergo, O Salutaris
Hail Queen of Heaven, baldy conscience
I belong to Beauty of Bath, daffodils
Cows-slips, wind-falls, bluebells
The red ones in the middle
I am from Grasshopper Green
“Up the Airy Mountain Down the Rushy Glen”
I am part moor part land, a variegated plant

A poem by Joan Hardiman

If you’d like to read more of Joan’s poetry, her collection can be purchased here: https://www.bookhubpublishing.com/product/my-serendipitous-life-by-joan-hardiman-isbn-978-1-7392899-2-8/

Image Credits: Europeana / Megan Johnston

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Joan Hardiman
Joan Hardiman
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