How to Jump

How to Jump

I am Spider,
Sitting in the sickness
Of my old weave
Nesting the braid
Of old pains and old habits
That stop me from falling
Off the edge of the world

Silk dreams weigh heavy
In my belly
Song that wants to rise
To flood the tongue
And be released to fly

So, take your form
And spin out from me
Spin me in
To a new world
And let that world
Do it’s own spinning too

Be my guide line
Let fly
Then hold me as I leap
Falling, falling
Into fear
And into freedom
Hold me for that heart stop
That long drop
Stay with me
Be my guide line
Remind me of my home
And where I will go
Threaded, falling, flying free
Jumping in the wind

A Poem by Deirdre Gleeson

Image credits: Unsplash —Artem Beliakin // Victor Rodriguez

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Deirdre Gleeson
Deirdre Gleeson
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