Home Body

Home body

And so it begins 
Or does it continue
After decades of struggle
After years of normalising pain
And suppressing the self to fit into a disturbed world
I have come home

Come home to stillness
To being
To the whispers of the body that were made numb for so long 
To the vastness of magic that exists in the here and now
That can only be experienced after taking the journey

I see more and more meeting me here
I welcome and see you 
It is bliss, truth, freedom
Thank you for this gift we can share together

I also lose some along the way
This saddens me deeply
But we cannot stay in the cage together anymore
We must follow the light ahead
Through the darkness of our shadows
Uncovering new shadows along the way

We look past the comments of those on a different path 
And we stick to our knowing
The knowing that surpasses the shaking in our voice as we speak our truth
As we demand our life long hidden pain to be heard 
And let go

We listen
Listen to the whispers
In the wind
In the moonlight
In the heart
In the shadows
That which has been buried for too long.

A poem by Paulina Mostert

Image credits: Paulina Mostert & David Tip (Unsplash)

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Paulina Mostert
Paulina Mostert
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