With all the elements here in one 
The Earth she orbits around the sun
Seasons changing like night and day
I close my eyes to hear what she has to say

As I sit here in all her splendour
I feel the sun so warm and tender
The breeze it blows right through my soul 
Clearing the things I needed to let go

While water splashes at my feet
I learn it’s inside I need to retreat 
Deep in the space of my own being
It’s always been there, it’s all I’ve been needing

Scanning down to that fire inside 
To feelings I’d forgotten or wanted to hide
No more pushing down or keeping inside 
I’m ready for healing, I’m ready to thrive

So I ask the earth to help with my journey
I’m willing, I’m able, I’m steadfast and sturdy 
Space, Air, Earth, Fire and Water 
It’s up to me now to be my life’s author 

A Poem by Alex Magill

Image credits: Unsplash – Adam Kring / Ian Schneider

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Alex Magill
Alex Magill
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