Determined Heart

In a world of shadows, her soul takes flight,
Embarking on a journey, seeking inner light,
A quest for truth, a path unknown,
A heart in search of seeds once sown.

Through valleys of doubt and mountains of fear,
She walks, her purpose clear,
With each step forward, she begins to see,
The strength within, the possibilities.

Resilience rises like a phoenix from ash,
A force unyielding, her spirit won’t crash,
Through trials and tribulations, she learns to stand,
Seeing a beacon of hope in a desolate land.

Perseverance guides her through storms that rage,
A steadfast resolve, a fire to engage,
She pushes through barriers, breaks down walls,
For deep within, she hears destiny’s call.

Determination fuels her unwavering drive,
A flame that burns, helps her survive,
She conquers every challenge, no obstacle too great,
A force to be reckoned with, a warrior’s fate.

In the tapestry of life, her story unfolds,
A tale of transformation, of secrets untold,
With each lesson learned, she becomes like new,
A masterpiece of strength, painted in hues.

So let her journey inspire us all,
To rise from the depths, to answer the call,
To embrace resilience, perseverance, and might,
And embark on our own path toward inner light.

By Shelley (Redmann) Novotny

A poem by Shelley (Redmann) Novotny
April 2023

Image credits – from author

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Shelley Novotny
Shelley Novotny
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