Brigid at Imbolg

I see you
As you rush and push at the first glimpse
Of opportunity and light;
With complete disregard for your awakened exhaustion
Born from acknowledging the plight
Of winters passed and past.

I see you
As you painfully stretch a spent body and a frazzled mind 
Blindly pushing forward
With the momentum and haste of swiftly rolling stones, 
No time for moss; or the songbird
Lest the fire go out.

I see your passion, your panic, your will
Bulldozing towards hope, endless dreams to fulfil……. 
While snowdrops bloom
In my wake; and buds burst forth on tender shoots 
From mother’s womb
Awaiting tenderness;

Patience and ease.
As the creaking wheel turns and rebirth begins
Permit yourself breathe
and blink and creak
Growth cannot be stopped, as the earth warms beneath 
You’re neither selfish nor weak

For pausing and lightly stepping
Away from the endless pursuit to achieve and perform In society’s demanding masculinity.
To slowly emerge, all parts intact
Nurture and dream and simply be
Eternal flame and Femininity.

Look deep into nature
And let yourself flow and grow
With the animals, the trees, the flower and the grass. 
Is mise Brigid
Táim ar ais
Tóg go bog é.

All is in hand. 

Le grá

A Poem by Nicola Clare

Image Credits: unsplash – Marcus Granahl / Patrick Hinz 

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Nicola Clare
Nicola Clare
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