A Winter Storm

Stormy days 
Stormy nights 
Winds blow 
Elements fight
Rain heavy, water pouring
All directions, no order

Seas crashing, danger warning 
Bellowing sounds
Roaring like a beast
The power of nature’s flow
Making itself known 
Swirling, surging, savage, ferocious 

Christmas time 
Holiday break 
Tucked inside
Hearing, hiding 
Warm & cosy 
Safe from the extreme force
Mother Nature sounds angry 
Or just clearing away

Totally wild, no apologies 
We have no control 
This is her way 
We are just visitors 
Lie & listen 
Marvel at her beauty 
Observe her strength 

Tomorrow brings a new day 
Clean & fresh 
Clearing the cobwebs 
The earth is refreshed

A Poem by Alex Magill

Image Credits: Unsplash- Aris Rovas / Peter Nuij

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Alex Magill
Alex Magill
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