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Dear Child, 

There is nothing stopping you 
From soaking into the arms of the absolute, 
Only yourself. 
I ask you at this time 
To look at your own self created blocks, 
Notice where they stem from. 
Notice, don’t follow. 

I ask you to step into 
The family line and transmute the pain, 
Notice where others are seeking ‘distraction’
And offer them protection instead. 
You have work to do 
And a presence to embody. 
You don’t need those that hold you back, 
Look only towards the ones that 
Support and applaud you. 

You are a free rational human being
With a deep capacity for seeing and feeling. 

Whisper the voice of your heart 
And grow in confidence in its reverberation. 
Speak softer and louder 
And only use your powerful roar when it is 
Absolutely necessary. 
You cannot underestimate its impact. 
Look to the places you have been 
And make sense of them in everyway
But dont get caught in the hurricane of the past. 

You can stand in the eye of the storm-
Arms open, feet rooted. 

The time to rise is coming
All will come clear. 

So keep doing your work, 
Surrendering to flow. 
What will be will be. 

But you will see. 

Poem by Gina ní Dhuinnshléibe

Image Credits: Unsplash – Fuu J / Vero Manrique

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Gina ní Dhuinnshléibhe
Gina ní Dhuinnshléibhe
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