Day Retreat

Yoni Steam Gathering

Off Grid, Bray Co. Wicklow

Sunday July 16th 11am-6pm

On Sunday the 16th of July, I would love for us to get together in circle to connect to our womb, hearts in ceremony with cacao & vaginal steaming, and much more.

The sacred practice of Yoni Steaming has connected women for millennia and inspired positive relationships with their womb. Giving space for the gifts of this portal to surface and strive in ways you wish to alchemise into your life.

I will share some practices with you, (self) breast massage & (self) Reflexology. I have found that these modalities are so supportive and will guide you into creating a deeper awareness of how all parts of our body are so intrinsically connected. Through experience and feed back from other women, they noticed how much space opened up in the womb & heart allowing for the energetics of your womb, heart to move into a place of receiving the essence of the herbs, being in a place of receiving themselves and feeling open and receptive to the other women in the circle. Receiving one another in your vulnerability is a power & strength that blows my heart open every time I sit in circle amongst women.

We will have the facilities of
To ourselves, allowing for a safe container to move freely with no disturbances. We will have the use of the inferred sauna & ice bath, followed by compression therapy.

Cacao, lunch and snacks will be provided.

Investment is 100 euros.

Reach out if you have an inquiries?

I’m looking forward to sitting in circle & connecting with you again.

Womb, heart blessings
Amanda 🌹