Yoni Steam Circle

Off Grid Bray

11am-2pm, 29 April

You are invited to come join us in circle to connect and celebrate your womb space and body. 

We will be in @offgrid.space for a 3 hour journey into the womb, heart.

It’s so hard to explain in words the alchemy that takes place in this space. It’s an experience the whole body feels, physically & energetically, deep within the tissues & cells of the womb space. It’s like a homecoming to a sacred space. A holy land, a space to be worshipped and nurtured.

This offering opens up an invitation for you to come and explore the holiness of your womb space. To feel the aliveness pulsating inside your inner temple. 

Your womb is so much more than the place in which physical life is created, nurtured and brought forth into the world. Not only is human life conceived and grown within the womb, but your innermost dreams and desires are conceived here too. 

Steaming supports any ailments within the womb space. Each herb offers its medicinal essence to restore, rejuvenate and bring homeostasis back into your physical & energetic womb space. 

I would love to share this beautiful ancient practice with you.

Please reach out to Amanda @amanda_mna_an_ghra to book or if you have any questions.