With Love

About Ceremonial Cacao

The Old Exchange, Bridge Street Clifden, Co.Galway

September 21st at 7pm

I am thrilled to invite you to a magical journey into the world of #ceremonialcacao. In this sacred gathering, we will explore the profound benefits of this heart-opening elixir and learn the art of crafting our very own ceremonial cacao drink.

Cacao, the food of the Gods, has been used for centuries to connect with the spirit, open the heart, and find clarity in our daily lives.

During this workshop, you will:

Discover the ancient traditions and rituals surrounding ceremonial cacao.

Learn how to prepare and work with cacao as a powerful tool for self-discovery

Experience a heart-opening cacao ceremony to connect with your inner wisdom

Craft your own personalised elixir to support you everyday

Celebrating @clifdenartsfest with @just_a_collective_6 . We are delighted and honoured to announce this unique and wonderful event.

Join us in this alchemical adventure of heart, spirit, and mind🍫❤️ Embrace the magic of Ceremonial Cacao and let it illuminate your path with love and clarity.

Limited spaces available, so reserve your spot today!

DM me @rocsmara or Whatsapp 085-8168701 for details or to secure your place in this sacred space.
Energy exchange €20

Let’s sip, connect, and elevate together.

Date: September 21st
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: @theoldexchangeclifden , Bridge Street, H71 TW82

I will be serving beautiful Balinese Cacao by @saoroexperience

Let the sacred elixir of cacao be your guide to well-being.

With Endless Love
@rocsmara ❤️