The Voice Activation Workshop

Lotus Acupuncture Clinic, Baldoyle, Dublin 13

Saturday May 27th 6-9 pm

Join me for a heart opening and voice strengthening journey on Saturday May 27th 🧡
There was so much interest and positive feedback the first time it ran, it feels absolutely right to share the workshop again!
An understanding of how to harness our unique voice and breath allows so much potential to express our thoughts and values in the most authentic and effective way.
If you are interested in expressing yourself authentically with more confidence, setting boundaries and expectations with others or addressing some lingering people pleasing tendencies you may have, this workshop is designed for you.
We’ll open the space with a cup of cacao. Then, over three hours, we’ll engage beautiful and gentle activities to strengthen our voice and cultivate self expression freely. This includes meditation, breath-work, sound healing and Journaling.
Spaces are limited. This is an inclusive space, everyone is welcome. It’s a great workshop for people who are new to this type of event. The most common feedback I hear is that my workshops feel very safe, welcoming and comfortable.
This workshop will unfold in the beautiful @lotusfloweracupuncture in Baldoyle D13. Register @
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