The Vitalist Circle

Hollyford, County

June 7th – June 14th

The vitalist circle is a great opportunity to do a full week of cleansing detox under the supervision of master herbalists.
Each persons cleanse will be tailored to where they are in their health journey. The cleanse is made easy with the implementation of natural therapeutics such as

  • Sound Bath,
  • Drum Circle,
  • Hydrotherapy,
  • Yoga,
  • Nature Walks
  • Community Spirit.

You will leave with the knowledge to forage and prepare your own herbs and you will learn skills in nutrition and making your own probiotics. We help people get in touch with their emotions through

  • Journaling,
  • Shamanic cleansing,
  • Journeying
  • Meditation

The retreat starts on the 7th of June from 3pm, until the 14th of June 1pm. There is an option of doing 4 days. 

 Your Host:

Nikita Purcell is a qualified

  • Master herbalist,
  • Nutritionist,
  • Shamanic Practitioner
  • Complimentary therapist.

There are also 3 other master herbalists and living food coaches facilitating along side Nikita on the day. 

The retreat cost is €750 

To book message 0874152239 or log onto the website and fill in the contact details 


Or contact through Facebook  Facebook