The Art of Breathing – Introduction to Rebirthing Breathwork

The Therapy Centre 42 Dawson Street D02 NX79 Dublin 2

Saturday, September 30th· 11am – 1:30pm IST

You are invited to take a journey into the healing power of the breath!

Breathwork is a deep process of conscious connected breathing, to release and let go of negative feelings, traumas, stress and much more.

Breathwork is about utilising our breath to reach out to all the unspoken and repressed issues we carry around with us, sometimes without even realising. The benefits of Breathwork are numerous, to name a few:

  • Release stress and negativity
  • Safe space to regulate strong emotions like anger, anxiety or fear
  • Decrease anxiety and depression and increase happiness and optimism
  • Improve sleep
  • Enhance clarity, focus and inspiration
  • Fill yourself with energy and motivation
  • Increase your mind-body balance

For more information about Breathwork – click here!

It’s time to take a deep breath and expand your heart with love, inner-peace and tranquility.


Saturday, September 30th, from 11:00 to 13:30


The Therapy Centre, 42 Dawson Street, Dublin 2

*** participation certificate provided ***

Spaces are limited, so make sure to secure your place with a quick and simple registration!