Sweat Lodge

Inipi Tradition

Blessington Lakes, Wicklow

June 3rd 10.00 am

Inipi, a Native American tradition, it’s a very ancient rite of purification,  a Ceremony held by the elements, the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, Earth, Water, Air and Fire, used as a Sacred purification, working with the divine ancient spirits of the land, we work with the elements and we call the stone nation, to help us. 
We go inside the lodge to give thanks, to connect with the source of life, we purify and get balance, according to some traditions of the North in America, they believe that we are more than just our physical body, we are integrated by four bodies, this is what makes us human, in this experience, that we call life; the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual, this ceremony help us to balance, all of them,  in consciousness through the work we do with nature. 

The ceremony consists in four rounds, four is a magical number in sacred geometry, the meaning of four in the ceremony consists; in four winds, four directions, that we pray to, in order to connect with the spirit,  which most of the times are different, could be quick or slow, depending on the healing needed, for all the participants, it brings us different ways of healing, physically; regenerates our body and helps us to release toxins, and energy accumulated in our body, that we don’t need, emotionally; helps us to connect with our emotions, clear them and balanced them in an safe and open space, mentally; helps us to clarify our thoughts, to reach new perspectives in life, and the spiritual; which is related to the spirit world, where our spirits recognise each other beyond the limitations of the mind, emotions and body, where in the Spirit world helps us to connect and heal our ancestors and our lineage in a safe space. 

We renovate ourselves, the inner and outer self to come out as new people and go back into our daily life with new perceptions of Things.

What do we need to participate? 

We need a good intention, what is it, that you want to learn from this, an open heart and an open mind, ready to receive, release and accept the changes, that are there for you in order to improve your life. 
We ask you to come prepared in body, mind, emotions and spirit, do not drink alcohol or take drugs, at least two or three days, before the ceremony, the more clean you come, the better you will receive this medicine. 

Men go in dressed with shorts. Women go in a dress or covered with a towel. Bring comfortable clothes to get changed after the ceremony, food, fruits and drinks to share  


The donation required for this ceremony will be 60 Euros, if you don’t cover the full amount but you still want to participate please contact us and we can do an exchange. Only 15 spaces!!

About Carlos:  Carlos is from Mexico, he has walked through this medicine ways for more than 13 years, he committed to this path of helping people and practicing this Spiritual and healing ways, in his walking around the Earth he has been involved in helping the Elders in his communities back in Mexico, He is a Vision Quester and a Sun dancer, where he has learn this ways, his Sponsor and Teacher is a Sun dance Chief in Peru and has danced with the Sioux tribes in Crow dogs Paradise. Carlos has been involved in this ways of helping and he has been holding space for people to be able to heal themselves, guiding the ritual and energy allowing the people to be in a Safe space. He’s a man wanting to help the people and himself to go through life in the best way possible. 

Book your space @rippleeffectkambo

Contact details: Carlos +3530832006727 /Email: Huitzil.ie@outlook.com