Spirit Through All Medicines

Healing together through ogether plant medicines and holistic medicines

Coolock, Dublin

Various Dates

Haux Haux, I have put out new dates for Spirit Through All Medicines. Going forward I will be holding small gatherings off up to 4 people at my home. This will be done over the day, and the gathering will be roughly 6/7hrs long. We will be Interweaving together plant medicines and holistic medicines, I’m grateful that I can serve these powerful energies that each one uniquely express. We will embrace Pachamamma cacao, surrender to Sananga, journey through our Breath, embrace the powerful Rapé and lean into the righteous and merciful ice cold baths. We will hold this sacred space in high reverence, through spirit and open hearth. If you want to be held within this please reach out to me through the link in me bio to email me.
Quick Layout of the day.

Open Circle
Cacao offering
Closing Circle
Ice Bath (optional)
Food offering

If you feel called to sit in this space, click here to see available dates, or just reach out to me @breathetrustflow if you want further information.

Thank you all for the love and support that I’ve received, as my journey grows I will be here to share it but more importantly I will be here serving it.