Singing the Songlines

@thenaturaltherapiescentre, Sligo


Singing the Songlines 

Weaving our voices. . .our Hearts, our songs and our prayers in circle. . . 

Through connecting with our voices, our native language an Gaeilge and the landscape of Éire we allow ourselves to be dreamed and to be sung. . . 

Songlines are connected with the Dreamtime they are alive and they are being awakened through our reconnection to the land, the waters, the sacred sites and our native language.

Songs woven into our landscape both ancient and being born anew, encoded with wisdom that will guide, nourish and midwife us through these turning times. . .

We are all vesels and channels for this wisdom to flow through us. . . 

And when we sing as Gaeilge we activate this wisdom within us. . .and welcome the IMBAS _  Divine Inspiration. . .to flow through us!

Singing stimulates the vagus nerve activating our bodies relaxation response and supports our ability to remember.

Singing in our teanga dhúchais awakens our remembrance and is a potent way of actively reclaiming our indigenous ways. 

By creating space to sound, tone and sing we cleanse and clear our beings and welcome more spaciousness to receive what wants to come through us! 

This is a space for YOU to connect with the essence of Éire, a space to dream with the songlines and to receive & share the wisdom flowing through you. 

All are welcome – one doesn’t need to have any Gaeilge or experience singing. 

(Song Books will be provided in the circle)

Fáilte ó chroí a chairde, 

Sionnán x 

Bookings via email:

Gathering at the beautiful @thenaturaltherapiescentre in Sligo on Friday evening the 24th of Feb from 7-9pm


*If you feel the call and are not able to give that amount at present please feel welcome to reach out and offer what you can.

Spaces are limited to honour the intimacy of the container.