Shamanic Heart Healing

With Medium Mel Murphy

Holly Cottage Holistic Center
, Cork

FRIDAY 10th May 7-9:15pm

A few seats remain please come along !
Love Mel
Shamanic Whitethorn Tea Heart Healing Ceremony
FRIDAY 10th May 7-9:15pm

Our native Whitethorn Tree , has powerful heart healing properties, both on a physical and emotional level, it can serve to bring healing and balance and openness to our spiritual hearts .Our ancestors knew the power of this medicine , and you can experience the power of the spirit and the medicine of this sacred tree yourself , through indoor shamanic journeys ,ceremony & ritual .

The evening will unfold so you will experience

💫The First Shamanic journey to connect with the spirit of the Whitethorn medicine
💫Rituals to deepen connection to the medicine
💫Intention setting for Heart Healing
💫A second Shamanic journey to heal the Heart to let go of people , grief , heartache ,disappointment etc
💫Singing & Chanting
💫Cleansing & purification rituals
💫Journaling Space & reflection

Mel is a Certified Trained Facilitator in Whitethorn Tea Ceremonies & is A Certified Trance Medium & Healer .
Mels medicine incorporates many healing modalities.

The Whitethorn Tea that is used in the ceremonies is sensitively gathered and prepared with intention and love .The trees that offer the medicine are on the Land at Holly Cottage Holistic Center, it’s ancestral land , no pesticides are used by Mel on the land .

Numbers Are Limited to 14 participants only
€33 per person

Friday 10th May 7-9 :15pm

Experience the powerful transformative healing for yourself at The Whitethorn Tree ceremony at Holly Cottage Holistic Center.
To book you can whatsapp for enquiries or go direct to paying
086 8032138

Instagram: @mel_murphy_medium_mentor