Shamanic Trance Dance – Cacao – Awakening the Senses

Cregg Castle, Corrandulla


Saturday 25 March 12.30-7pm

€65 for the days activities including cacao and food

Shamanic Trance Dance

We will start the day with Shamanic Trance Dance, which is designed to free your mind and energise your soul. It helps you unlock the door to find what you’ve been looking for. Elevating you from ordinary reality into an extraordinary life and a new perspective.

This dance evolved from the ancient wisdom of Shamanism. It is a powerful and profound blindfolded dance, incorporating a dynamic blend of compelling music, spontaneous movement, energising fire breath and focused intention, transporting the dancer into a state of trance, in order to elevate, expand and explore one’s self.

Cacao & Meditation

We will then drink a beautiful cup of Cacao Magic Costa Rica to drop into our hearts and I will lead a short meditation.

Awakening the Senses

This is a sensual blindfolded experience which tantalises our touch, hearing, taste, and smell. It is a beautiful blissful experience which offers you the gift of giving and receiving this bliss.

Nicky is the first Guide and Guardian of Shamanic Trance Dance in Ireland and is truly looking forward to sharing this deep practice with you again.