Sacred-Self Trauma- Yoga

An Sactoir, West Cork

Beginning May 16th 6-7pm

 Sacred-Self Trauma-Yoga

A 6-Week Course of Inner-Alchemy

We are all sacred and inter-beings in this web of life, all Sacred Selves on a Sacred Earth.

Our bodies, minds and spirits are holistic energetic entities that are interconnected, not only with each-other, but with the environment and seasons and cycles of the earth.

Trauma is anything that causes a disconnection from ourselves and life and can be ‘seen’ as a disruption in this flow of energy/prana. This frequently manifests as physiological, behavioural, emotional or psychological symptoms. Trauma can interfere with life choices, decisions, and directions; it can prevent us from being who we wish to be in our lives and most of all, it can steal the present moment from us.

Trauma-Yoga offers us a safe space to connect to our own energy field and simply be. As we become aware of the present moment, holding space with sacred earth, we can acknowledge what arises through breath awareness and conscious movement. This somatic trauma release allows us to not go back into the story and let go of old scripts and Samskaras.

I have sat on mother earth, listened and come to know that by witnessing what is arising for me in that moment, I am my Sacred-Self. I would like to invite you to An Sanctóir to listen to your Sacred-Self.

I will be working intuitively and with nature to guide you through a Trauma-Yoga practice of Mudra, Psana and Pranayama, Grounding, Energy/Chakra inner-work, Guided Meditations and Yoga Nidra. This course can be as intensive as one wishes; The invitation is there to set individual Sankalpa/Intention for Sadhana/Spiritual Practice and Puja/Ritual, and journal about your journey over the 6 weeks. I would be delighted to delve deep with those that do, and I welcome all including those simply looking for something different.

This course will be indoors/outdoors connecting with nature at the magnificent An Sanctóir Holistic Community Centre; an eco-friendly venue on a 23 acre nature reserve in the heart of West Cork near the coastal village of Ballydehob .

All are welcome, men and women and no experience of Yoga is required. We are all souls in different packaging.

The investment is €85 for the 6-Week Course including all weekly classes and continual support.

I look forward to connecting with you, Namaste, Gill

Contact Gill at 087-1953594/email: @g_e_moon