Rahanni Celestial Healing Practitioner Workshop

Healing on the Heath, Scardaune, Co Mayo

Monday 23 January 2023

9.30am till 5pm

Call Nicola on 0879631206 to book your space

Rahanni means ‘Of one heart’ and is one of the most beautiful healing modalities I have worked with.
It is a gentle yet extremely effective therapy that heals very deeply at heart level. It helps release all fear based ways of thinking and negativity, opening up to truth, love and compassion.

Rahanni vibrates on a pink ray of light balancing our masculine and feminine aspects and brings inner peace to the mind, body and soul.
During a Rahanni session we connect with Celestial Pink Angels, Kwan Yin, Lord Melchizedek, Ascended Masters, Archangels and higher beings of light.
It raises the vibration of the student to a much higher level of spiritual understanding.

Covered in this workshop:

  • Where Rahanni comes from
  • Attunement to Rahanni, a 5th dimensional healing light
  • Connection to Ascended Masters and higher beings of light
  • Connection to 7 Archangels and their attributes
  • Self healing
  • One to one healing of others
  • Distance healing
  • Healing for animals and children
  • Raising of your spiritual vibration to connect with the 5th dimension
  • Full comprehensive manual of 80 pages with in-depth knowledge of Rahanni
  • Certificate
  • On-going support for all Practitioners/Teachers
  • Inclusion in Rahanni Directory to help promote your business.

Monday 23 January 2023 – 9.30am till 5PM – Cost, €180