Men’s Self-Discovery Event

Miltown Malbay, Clare

11-5pm, 7th May


Join us for this men’s self-discovery event!

What to expect in the day:

Shannon ~ Workshop incl talk on ”Science behind men’s optimal health” & journaling session
Sean “Certified Wim Hoff Instructor” ~ incl Theory on the Wim Hof Method, WHM Breathing session & Ice baths
Darragh ~ Worksop incl “meditation, shamanic drumming, movement and authentic communication” 

Extras provided on the day:

~ SAOR Journal & Pen
~ Lunch and extra refreshments
~ Portable Sauna by the sea

And best of all good company! 

Level: Advanced, Intermediate & Beginner

This event is for men only.

Booking here: Men’s Self-Discovery Event
If you have any questions email me at or on instagram at @saor_free

Thank you for joining me for what I hope will be the first step towards self discovery and transformation!