Meditation Sound & Jewellery Making Workshop

Heart Wing Holistic School Lucan

11am-1pm 2nd April


✨The heart knows a hundred thousand ways to speak~ RUMI

✨Creativity is a channel we can tap into so we are in direct communicate with our heart. Here we allow the divine to flow through us naturally 🎨🌈📿

✨Our hearts know one another and when we take the time to place ourselves in nourishing spaces designed to anchor us, spaces where we can be held as we explore ourselves deeper and weave healing threads into the cracks of doubt we soothe our emotional body. 

✨In doing so we strengthen our souls ability to travel this life more authentically and inspire others to do the same💛

✨APRIL 2ND LUCAN @heartwingsholisticschool

✨Join @reflectionsofgaia, and @anthony_corcoran_ for our next workshop which will be a beautiful day of renewal as we expand into Spring & shake off the density of winter💛🌱💛

✨What to expect~

✨A gentle guided meditation to awaken our inner child, 
✨A sound journey with optional cacao (herbal teas) 
✨A fun & colorful space to intuitively create your own gemstone bracelet.

✨You will have a variety beads, crystals & charms to choose from so you leave with a piece of jewelry that reflects your personal experience. 

✨Crystals are tools we can use to assist us in any challenges we are facing or to amplify our intentions. Turning them into wearable talismans increases our connection to their energy. 

✨ALL of YOU is welcome in this space and ZERO experience with meditation, crystals, or jewelry making is necessary😊

✨€44.00 exchange 

✨DM TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE @reflectionsofgaia,// @anthony_corcoran_

✨We look forward to igniting the creative fire with you all~ Anthony & Róisín🧚🏾‍♀️ The heart has its own language.