3rd March 2023 (6 weeks)

A deeply guided elemental journey through the Psyche…Anima and Animus of Self ….soul and the natural world  My own sharing of the depths of my own shamanic work and initiations with this work over the course of 20 years. Deep shamanic practices enthralled with shadow and energetic practices 

We will be working and merging closely with each element every week doing very special practices and ceremony with each element. 

Earth / Air / Water / Fire / Ether

Also: DreamWork, Altar work, Medicine wheel, Integration / homework practices, Ceremony, Ritual, Prayer, Blessings, Shamanic journeying, Meditation , Dance & Movement, Shape-shifting work, Breathwork & Qi gong

‘Hearth’ is an experiential birthing of my everyday through the soul life I live guided by the elements and natural world merging and communing with them …..combining all my years of what I had learnt intellectually no human teacher could ever bring teachings forward quite like the natural world ….So when I started living in my sacred circle womby yurt space rawly and simply without electricity…gathering water from my stream…cooking with fire…waking with the birds…..sitting or dancing with the dark….This was when the deepest teachings of my life came…. 

I had always worked with the elements but this was on another level…. a deep merging happened … I have so much wisdom to share on the elemental workings and the workings of self ….. soul …the shadow…the light….the transmutation and transfiguration through this living breathing merging  alchemy …..

I wanted this to be six weeks so that there is consistency and deep transformation after and it will be something that will be with you forever .

My prayer is that everyone can truly know thyself on a soul level but we can only know ourselves through deep merging with the natural world and we live in a world where that connection is lost ….For connection to self is lost …My life as I live and breathe is dedicated to this connection .Answers don’t come in the form of word but by understanding the ancient symbology of your being …

‘Hearth’ is an awakening to self through our inate ancient natural ways .

I hope you will join me and I very much look forward to sharing this very sacred field of energy with you.

03 / 03 /23 – 2 hours for 6 week online via zoom….

What’s app group connection throughout /community  & Individual follow up sessions with me

Exchange : 222 euro Payment plans available

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