Hawaiian Healing Intensive

Kilmurry, Newtown Mount Kennedy Co. Wicklow

September 1st to 3rd 10-5 pm daily

You are invited to a 3-Day Transformation ~ Hawaiian Healing Weekend Intensive

 Join us for a powerful transformation into a higher level of living your life, your purpose, and your dream. There’s great freedom in finally letting go of someone or something that doesn’t belong anymore, and reclaim your Original Innocence. All the details are in the links below.

The History of Ho’oponopono Healing

I have been sharing forgiveness technology for a few decades now, after studying various different forms of ho’oponopono delivery by different teachers, Uncle Harry Jim has the most liberal style that I witnessed, using a more intuitive casual format. Where Anakala Pilipo and Lawrence Aki, from Moloka’i, have the most traditional style I’ve seen, using the ancient Ohana circle model. Dr Ihaleakala Hew Lyn uses the four lines, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you. Yet, all the styles begin with an ‘inquiry’ as the gateway into an emotional complex that’s holding mental/emotional energy hostage.

Allowing what ‘is’ to be just the way it is… can be very challenging sometimes. Especially when there’s a strong emotional charge that we’re feeling toward someone. As you may know it is only within the quiet ‘stillness’ of our heart (and mind) that ‘Peace’ is even possible. This is why we practice meditation and forgiveness at a very deep level; reaching for compassion for ourself and the someone else who has seemingly caused us great pain.

When I read Zero Limits for the first time, I resonated deeply with Morrnah Simon’s contemporary style of ho’oponopono, and I began to activate the wisdom of using our three souls, (or aspects of self) in communion, to clean and clear what the inner child is holding onto which is unclean. Hale Makua teaches of the three souls, while Morrnah uses the “father, mother, child as one” model in her prayers for resolution to the divine. This allows the Higher self, or Father aspect to be summoned by the Mother aspect, (the intellect), to join together within the Child aspect, (our body) for releasing what it’s feeling that’s not in pono–alignment. Ho’oponopono = to realign with original goodness. Consciously connecting with our Higher Self and being totally present with our whole self, (all three souls), is so very nourishing and important these days. This is the reason that after helping thousands of people learn the protocols of ho’oponopono, I wrote a 3 book series, called The Sacred Apology.

The series foundation has three primary resources:

the self-responsibility forgiveness model of Morrnah Simeona

the original pre-christian teachings of Jeshua,

and A Course in Miracles.

This is also why I was brought to Europe for sharing a Forgiveness Tour in Switzerland, Ireland, England and Germany. As I recently discovered from my research of why am I in Europe? Well, Morrnah Simeona died in Munich, Germany in 1992 after her teaching tour of Self-ID Ho’oponopono all over Europe. Coincidence?

In this course we use the first book in the Sacred Apology book series as our study guide, Reclaiming Original Innocence, the Journey Begins. Everyone received the book before the course began, so they knew the protocols and the language and terminology before arriving for the course. So now, after anyone registers for the new 3 day transformation course, they receive an eBook and an Audiobook album of meditations.

Day One ~

Then the first day of the course we begin with a deep dive into self-responsibility ho’oponopono. Each one has an opportunity to share a deeply cherished wound with the class, and have them all breathe vertically along with them to help them ‘flush’ out the drama. This is a very powerful cleansing and clearing that happens within them because of the powerful support they’re getting from the volume of every one breathing light on their behalf.

Day Two ~

The second day, we continue with a review of the Sacred Apology protocols, and continue the flushing out of the old patterns and emotions with ‘La’a kea’, sacred Light, using our vertical breathing exercise.

After lunch on the second day, we begin the first round of Laulima, the ‘laying on of many hands’. In this, each one will lay on the massage altar and 6 classmates will sit around them, one at the head, one at the feet, and two on each side. The classmates will open the waterfall of aloha, cascading down through their crown chakra, into their heart and out their hands, right through the one on the table.

The receiver opens all their energy centers to receive this blessing of divine love from above, which is cascading from Heaven into and through the laulima givers right through the receivers body, mind, and soul. As everyone breathes, the ancestors, angels and guides, flood the receiver with gentle, sacred Light, washing them with divine Love.

Day Three ~

We continue this process on the morning of the third day, after breakfast until lunch. Then after lunch we begin our Haipule, Hawaiian Manifestation ceremony.

Here you can launch a new dream or vision for your life, invoking all the Elements and Kingdoms of Nature for support. Pure Hawaiian style magic for manifesting your desire!

You are invited to a 3-Day Transformation ~ Hawaiian Healing Weekend Intensive

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The training will be run by Wayne Kealohi Powell

Susana Nunes De Abreu

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Therapist

Shamanic Energy Healing

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